I Tried to Date a Male Model to Get over My First Love

I met my first real love in my early twenties. Although Blake was only 5’7, he was the most handsome man that I’d ever laid my eyes on. A dead ringer for Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid”, with thick dark Superman style hair, ice blue eyes and a six pack that I could wash my laundry on.

Blake was the whole package: he was articulate, thoughtful, educated and sexy as hell. For our forth date, Blake treated me to a romantic dinner overlooking Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. The sex which followed after was mind-blowing. Growing up I had read countless articles which warned young women that their first time would probably be underwhelming, but sex with Blake put most sex scenes in movies to shame. Better yet, when we left our bed, we’d spend time exploring Hawaii’s beaches and nightlife.

When I returned home to the mainland, however, my relationship with Blake became confusing. Both of us seemed to be scared about how quickly we tore down each others walls. For a few months Blake and I tried just being friends, and it wasn’t working. In the end, my girlfriends suggested I should date someone else, in order to get over Blake.

One of my friends decided to set me up with Goran, a 6’2 Croatian born male model. Before meeting in person Goran and I exchanged lengthy emails where we talked about history, philosophy, travel and books, and I decided that Goran was more than a pretty face with a chiseled jawline. Goran even recommended me books like “The Alchemist”, which is now one of my favorite books.

Our first date surprised me. Goran hugged me for 10 seconds straight before taking me for a drive around the bays. For dinner, he asked me what I would like to eat if I could have anything in the world, and when he found out I was vegetarian, Goran ordered a vegetarian dish for himself, too, in case I wanted to try some of his meal. When it came to settling the bill, Goran graciously paid our bill before I could even get my purse out of my handbag.

After Goran dropped me home in his dark blue BMW, I felt giddy for the first time in months and was excited about Goran’s promise to take me for a plane flight. Yes, as well as holding a degree in architecture, Goran had obtained a recreational pilot’s licence.

However, realizing that I had been “on the rebound”, I decided to end things with Goran a few weeks later. Fast forward to the present, Blake and I have decided to make a go of our crazy, passionate love.

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