How I Lost My Virginity and Had My First Orgasm… 7 Years Later

I lost my virginity at 17 and I must say I was rather disappointed with the experience. It was okay – no more, no less. But at my 17 I had already heard so much fuss about sex, so I expected something much more than just ‘ok’. The act wasn’t painful (quite a common fear of every virgin girl) and it was even pleasant to some degree. However, that little thing which makes your mind blow – as some women describe an orgasm – and which I anticipated so much didn’t happen.

Let me tell you that as a teen I tried masturbating, and again it was pleasant but still I could never give myself an orgasm. So in the end I just came to a conclusion that I needed real sex with a real man for that miracle by the name of climax to happen to me. And that’s probably why I had such high expectations and was subsequently so disappointed when my first intercourse occurred.

Despite the fact that I had my first sex at 17, my regular sex life started about 2 years later when I met my second boyfriend. Before that I had only two more sexual acts which were a bit better than the first one, but didn’t present me with an orgasm nevertheless.

Well, now I’m 24 and I’m happy to tell you that about three weeks ago I had the first orgasm in my life. My current boyfriend Dan and I have been together for almost half a year now, the last 2 months of which we live together. Previously, when we were having sex, I admit I sometimes feigned an orgasm. But 3 weeks ago for the first time I didn’t have to. Coincidentally, 3 weeks ago I was given my first cunnilingus. That’s right; I experienced my first orgasm as a result of oral sex.

Somehow my previous boyfriends never suggested muff diving (excuse my French). And I admit I wasn’t so eager about the idea myself, so I didn’t suggested it, too. Since that first time 3 weeks ago, Dan has given me oral sex 5 times and every time I ended up having an orgasm. Now I’m afraid Dan might be suspecting that I feigned my orgasms before because when I’m really having an orgasm, turns out I act in a different way and can’t fully control myself.

Be that as it may, at least now I eventually know what it’s like to have an orgasm. And I acknowledge it’s something that can really be described as mind-blowing.

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