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SHOES!!  Every Girls Dream!

Thank you for all your continued support and kind comments.

Thanks Pranceatron!
all credit to you!!!..
Almost the Last Stand:
A neat new site with tons of
original Jem art and fanfic.
Antipathy’s Jem:
Jem stuff for sale. Yay! A
funny and informative Jem site.
Bella & Stravagante:
First Italian Jem site, featuring
exclusive BGM mp3s!
Britrock- The UK Home of the Misfits
Deals specifically in US vs
Euro doll differences!
Diva Jezebel’s Jem Store:
Stuff for sale (yay!) Superstars
Collection and more.
El Culto De Jem:
Chilean (also in English)
Jem site with live-action doll
animated videos of the show.
Etienne Toys:
Has some MIB Dutch Jem items
for sale for reasonable prices.
Fezpez Auctions
Usually has single Jem items for sale.
Great for completers.
Hasbro The offical site.
Do a keyword search for Jem
and see what you find! 🙂
Glamour and Glitter:
Jem original fashion designs!
Hot Topic usually has something
Jem (currently made) for sale.
Jem & Friends Forum:
New Jem messageboard
that has taken over the old
Jem & Friends board.
Jem & The Holograms World;
Collection site, stuff for sale,
customs & more.
Jemboard: A Jem message board.
Jem Brazil Website:
🙁 About 90% stolen graphics
but *does* have Portuguese
Jem songs to download
Jemcon 2007:
Will be in Chicago this summer.
Jem Fan Page:
Jem meets the Sims, and more
Jem GlamGerman Jem site.
Jem Girl: Jem song remixes,
sale stuff, customizing information.
Very creative Jem site.
Jem Gorgeous:
Polls and other fun stuff.
Jem Grrrlz!
A good ol’ Jem site with
lots of info, unfortunately
I don’t think it’s being
updated anymore.
Jem Jello: A new site
(not entirely functional at
the time I’m writing this)
Jem Sims!:
Jem Sims 2 skins to download.
Jem Unites Us: Jem fan art site.
Jem Unlimitedlots of Jem stuff.
Kett’s Cel Gallery
Easily has the largest
Jem cel collection I’ve seen.
Kimmy’s Jemstar Fashions:
Handmade Jem fashions.
(it’s Italian) but it’s got
some nice photos.
LJC’s Jem Sites:
Not just one, or two, but
FIVE Jem sites in one.
Luca’s Gallery of Jem Artwork:
Fabulous Jem paintings!
Makin Mischief
Has an exclusive interview with
the Jem doll box artist!
Midsummer Night’s Madness:
Featuring Jem Avacons & Fanfic.
MoggyGoddess Photos:
Photos of early Jem prototype
toys from Christy Marx.
Outrageous Fashions:
Beautiful custom Jem
fashions for sale.
Perfect Blue:
Fansite dedicated to Stormer.
SOS for JEM:
Help join the campaign to
get Jem back on the air.
Spice Girls Vs Jem
A page comparing the
similarities between Jem
and the Spice Girls.
“Spleen is Excitement!
Tommy’s Fashion Dolls
Pictures of his gorgeous custom
Jem dolls & more!
Totally Jem!
Appears to be under construction,
at the moment :\
Truly Outrageous Jem Primer:
Brush up on the basics of Jem.
Truly Outrageous Mailing List Archives:
“Ask Christy” (Marx), episode guides,
talent bios & more.
Universal Appeal Jem:
This site is really comprehensive?

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